Didee & Didoo – Poem “Best Singer”

“Best Singer”

The songs that I wrote

will put a lump 

in my throat.

But the best song 

I ever heard

came from my 

little song bird.

The songs that 

he wrote

is sung in a happy note.

Singing in the forest

I listen to his chorus.

Sitting in his nest

his songs are the best.

I like listening to my bird

but I don’t know 

one word.

Maybe if I were a loon

I’ ll write a bird tune.

Birds can’t write 

with wings

’cause they don’t 

have arm things.

They use them for flight

that’s why they 

don’t write.

Birds will give a 

free concert

with songs that 

don’t hurt.

So I’ ll just be 

a people thing

and listen to the 

birds sing.

But when birds 

fly south

I sing sad songs 

with my mouth.

Even if I try to 

sing like a robin

I always end up 

cryin’ an’ sobbin’.

I can’t wait until spring

to hear my little 

bird sing.

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