Didee & Didoo – Poem “Bush Pilots”

When they fly bush planes

they always use 

their brains.

Sometimes it’s a 

tight squeeze

when they land on 

wheels or skis.

Or they land on water

when they fly the 

single otter.

When they have 

souls on board

they pray to our 

Good Lord.

Sometimes they don’t 

have a mechanic

but bush pilots 

never panic.

When the engine 

comes to a stop

they start it by the prop.

I don’t think they 

use maps

but they have to 

use their flaps.

When they fly out 

on bush trips

bush pilots land on 

rough airstrips.

They depend on 

their good luck

so that they don’t 

get stuck.

Bush flying is in 

their blood

but they don’t like 

getting stuck in mud.

They fly IFR (I 

Follow River)

with no heater they shiver.

Bush pilots are 

tough guys

‘cause they make their 

living in the skies

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