Didee & Didoo – Poem “Sewing”


My auntie makes extra bucks

when she sews mukluks.

When she sews beaver mitts

Auntie never calls it quits.

She makes tea in dippers

when she sews slippers.

My auntie uses hide an’ felt

when she sews a baby belt.

She’s busy sewing with leather

an’ she makes earrings with feather.

My auntie likes to sew

she have lots of colours to show.

Auntie uses beads that’s glowing

’cause she really likes sewing.

Sometimes Auntie babysits Dean

an’ he plays with her sewing machine.

My auntie has a habit

of sewing with rabbit.

Auntie likes to eat ducks

when she sews mukluks.

She made me a fur hat

made out of muskrat.

When it comes to sewing

Auntie shows no sign of slowing.

When my Auntie uses her sewing machine

she sews boots that’s red an’ yellow an’ green.

Allan Benjamin is a cartoonist from Old Crow, Yukon.

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