Didee & Didoo – Poem “I’m Just an Old Dog”

I’m just an old dog

My name is Grover

an’ I’m just a leftover.

At one time

I was in my prime.

Now I’m an old dog

who can no longer jog.

I’m just an old sock

now I barely walk.

I no longer roam

so I just stay home.

I used to be top notch

now I just watch.

I used to be fast

but that was the past.

I stay in the dog lot

’cause I can’t trot.

I have an owner

but I’m still a loner.

I’m just an old wretch

I can’t even fetch.

I’m just an old mutt

an’ I can’t even rut.

I’m just an old dog

an’ I sleep like a log.

Allan Benjamin is a cartoonist from Old Crow, Yukon.

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