Didee & Didoo – Poem “Louise and Chris”

Louise and Chris

Uncles’ kids numbered 

over a dozen

And Louise is my 

first cousin.

Just in case you didn’t know

We all grew up in Old Crow.

Uncle Stephen is their pappy

And we all grew up happy.

Auntie Ethel is their mother

And I’m just like 

their brother.

We grew up in the 

age of gaslamp

And Louise became 

a ski champ.

With only Didoo I was alone

So they took me 

as their own.

If you don’t know 

about this

Louise met and 

married Chris.

Louise found the 

perfect man

An’ he happened to 

be a Thaltan.

He chose my Gwich’in 

cousin Louise

And the lived down at Dease.

They raised three 

kids of their own

An’ adopting 23 they

were never alone.

Today their marriage 

years number 35

An’ Louise said “There’s 

many more to arrive!”

I know their love 

is really strong

That’s why their 

marriage lasted long.

Together they live a good life

‘Cause Chris found 

a good wife.

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