Didee & Didoo – Poem “Don Burnstick”

“Don Burnstick”

He comes from 

down south

an’ he knows how 

to use his mouth.

If you’re feelin’ crappy

he’ ll soon make 

you happy.

Your sadness 

will be gone

when you hear 

jokes by Don.

His name is Don 


an’ he’ ll make you 

laugh real quick.

He’ ll tell funny jokes

about aboriginal folks.

Don is an Indian clown

an’ he doesn’t know 

how to frown.

You’ ll laugh so 

hard you’ ll sob

‘cause makin’ you 

laugh is Don’s job.

Laughter is good 


for our entire nation.

When you have a 

good laughter

 you’ ll feel better after.

Don Burnstick is 

not too serious

‘cause he’s always 


Don is a really 

comical guy

an’ he doesn’t use 

drugs or rye.

And that’s what 

makes him real

an’ he makes us 

laugh to heal.

I also make people laugh

an’ tell jokes on 

my behalf

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