Didee & Didoo – Poem “Sourtoe Cocktail”

There are strange 

things done

in the land of the 

midnight sun.

Captain Dick ended 

up with a toe

when someone froze 

it off at 40 below.

So he made a 

famous brew

that you’re not 

suppose to chew.

Dick’s recipe 

included a toe nail

when he made the 

sour toe cocktail.

The human toe is real

but don’t think 

it’s a meal.

You can let the toe 

touch your lip

but you’re only 

allowed to take a sip

You’ ll just have 

to be brave

‘cause the drink 

you won’t crave.

I don’t think you’ ll die

so you’ ll have to 

give it a try.

Some people will 

throw up

just to see the 

toe in the cup.

Other people think 

it’s yucky

an’ some say it 

makes them lucky.

Everyone will make 

a funny face

an’ they can’t 

describe the taste.

After you taste 

the sour toe

you’ ll become a 

real sourdough

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