Didee & Didoo – Poem “Bear Dogs”

They like to bark an’ scream

but they’re too small for a dog team.

Some are black an’ some are white

and some pretend to bite.

They all have sharp ears

and they’re not afraid of bears.

They have a habit

of chasing a rabbit.

I have one little pup

that drinks out of a cup.

I give them Gwichin names

and they like playing games

Bear dogs are lots of fun

and they are bred to run.

The puppies look like little toys

and they make lots of noise.

Their tails are curly

and they wake up early.

They like it when I growl

but I like it when they howl.

They all cuddle to stay warm

so the cold does them no harm.

My bear dogs are just little

an’ they like it when I play fiddle.

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