Didee & Didoo – Poem “Ski-Doo”


It doesn’t bark or scream

an’ it replaced the dog team.

It was a new thing

that starts with a string.

It can turn left or right

and it doesn’t bite.

It doesn’t have feet

and it doesn’t eat.

You don’t have to tie it up

an’ it doesn’t pee like a pup.

It’s not a male or female

and it doesn’t have a tail.

It even has a light

so you can drive at night.

They make lots of noise

these big working toys.

It burns oil and gas

an’ a dog team it can pass.

In the summer you park

and it doesn’t bark.

It doesn’t eat the fish from the stream

and it replaced the dog team.

But when you have a broken snow machine

it can make you really mean.

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