Didee & Didoo – Poem “Two Old Ladies Part One”


There were stories about a famine

when there was no meat an’ salmon.

People were in search of the caribou herd

but sometimes they only ate a small bird.

Their stomachs were hollow

when there was no caribou to follow.

The cold weather was tough

and food was not enough.

Everyone was getting weak

and their situation was bleak.

The snow was knee deep

and everyone started to weep.

The whole tribe was hurtin’

’cause death was certain.

Kids were always fed first

they drank broth for their thirst.

When they had caribou meat

elders were always the last to eat.

They were completely out of food

and they had to do something rude.

Food was getting really low

there were no caribou tracks on the snow.

The tribe left two old ladies behind

which they thought the wolves would find.

It was difficult to say goodbye

and let the two old ladies die.

Soon they would all be gone

If they did not continue on.

The cold did the two old ladies no harm, 

they had a fire to keep them warm.

They weren’ t left with a lot

but a rabbit they soon caught.

The two old ladies never gave up hope

because they knew how to cope.

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