Didee & Didoo – Poem “Goaltender (Josh)”

If you’re a goaltender

you can’t be tender.

The puck will go past

if your reflex 

is not fast.

You have to flop

to make a stop.

You have the 

biggest job

so you have to rob.

In order to 

make a save

you have to be brave.

If you’re not awake

you will make 

a mistake.

When they shoot 

the puck

you’re not allowed 

to duck.

‘Cause they will score

an’ make you 

feel poor.

Sometimes you 

stop the puck

just with good luck.

When a goaltender 

is hot

they don’t 

score a lot.

You have to get hit 

like a truck fender

‘cause you’re 

the goaltender

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