Didee & Didoo – Poem “53 Year Old Machine”

This 53 year old machine

is still kind of mean.

Maybe a bit slow

but she can still go.

It needs more than one part

but she can still start.

It’s not ready for the junk yard

‘cause she can still work hard.

After all these years

she now runs in low gears.

Sometimes there’s an oil leak

an’ sometimes there’s a squeak.

Once in a while a rattle sound

but she never breaks down.

This machine is over the hill

an’ sometimes she needs a pill.

There’s lots of wear and tear

but she’s not ready for a rockin’ chair.

This machine doesn’t know the word

an’ I don’t think she’ ll ever retire.

This machine is a slow poke

but she’s not an old folk.

This 53 year old machine

is still fit for a queen

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