Didee & Didoo – Poem “Trimble Gilbert”

My uncle Trimble Gilbert

recorded a fiddle CD 

with Wilbert.

Arctic Village is 

his home town

where you’ ll hear 

his fiddle sound.

Rev. Gilbert is a 

Gwichin fiddleman

and his sons play in 

his backup band.

When his fiddle he hold, 

Trimble plays tunes 

that’s old.

Playing the fiddle 

he’s a master

and in his church 

he’s a pastor.

That’s why he wears 

a white collar

and Trimble is also 

a scholar.

By the River Chandalar

Rev. Gilbert plays his guitar.

His guitar he chord

singing for the Lord.

Trimble’s parents names

are Maggie and James.

His fiddler friend was 

Alfred Francis

and they both play 

for dances.

Trimble plays drums 

with his feet

and he can sure tap a beat.

Trimble always 

says a prayer

an’ he’ ll always be 

a fiddle player.

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