Didee & Didoo – Poem “High Tech”

My uncle is a redneck

but he’s also high tech.

He talks on his 

cell phone

chewing on a 

caribou bone.

When he’s on 

his computer

I wouldn’t call 

him cuter.

Uncle clicks with 

the mouse

while he wears 

Auntie’s blouse.

I think he uses 

a swear word

when he enters 

his password.

But don’t think 

that’s cruel

‘cause he never 

went to school.

Our uncle types 

like a snail

when he checks 

his e-mail.

Uncle uses his 

thumb to type

while he puffs 

on his pipe.

He taught himself 

to write

so his spelling 

is not right.

My uncle could 

be a hacker

as he chews on 

his cracker.

My poor uncle 

is high tech

and his spelling 

is a wreck.

I owe my uncle 

an apology

‘cause he knows 

about technology.

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