Didee & Didoo – Poem “Two Old Ladies” Part Two

Slowly their strength grew

An’ the winter they 

made it through.

The two old ladies survived 

the cold weather

By working together 

and sleeping together.

Because they knew 

how to survive

they kept each other alive.

With the warm 

weather of spring

more food it would bring.

All summer they dried 

lots of fish and meat

so in the winter they’ ll 

have lots to eat.

Because times 

will be rough

the wise old ladies dried 

more than enough.

They picked berries 

in the fall

and lots of wood 

they had to haul.

They knew times 

will be hard

an’ they didn’ t want 

to be off guard.

When a cold winter came

they kept warm 

by the flame.

Famine faced their 

tribe once again

an’ there was lots 

of hunger an’ pain.

The two old ladies 

ate dried salmon

while their tribe faced 

another famine.

The two old ladies 

they came upon

who they thought 

were long gone.

The people were too weak

and they could 

hardly speak.

in order to save their tribe

the two old ladies 

they had to bribe.

The two old ladies 

were forgiving

and they wanted their 

tribe to go on living.

All their food they shared

because for their 

tribe they cared.

Starvation they won’ t 

have to face

’cause they have lots 

of food to taste.

Their whole tribe 

they would save

and their people 

they forgave.

The two wise ladies 

lived to be very old

and this Gwichin legend 

Velma Wallis told

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