Didee & Didoo – Poem “Cabin Fever”

All winter trappers 

trap beaver

But then they catch 

cabin fever.

They quit trappin’ for 

mink an’ squirrels

‘cause they want to 

see the can can girls.

Sourdough rendezvous 

is about to happen

so the trappers forget 

about trappin’.

During the long winter 

they trap for lynx

Now they go to the 

98 Bar for drinks.

Trappers pack heavy 

sacks of flour

to see who has the 

most power.

They all claim their 

dog teams are fast

but nobody wants the 

red lantern for last.

With their snowshoes 

they run a race

an’ they all want to 

come in first place.

Then comes the tea 

boiling contest

again they all claim 

to be the best.

Trappers have a contest 

to call a moose

then they all try 

calling a goose.

All the trappers are tough

an’ all the trappers 

are rough

but none of them 

are mad trappers

‘cause they’re all 

glad trappers.

They’re all tough 

like a grizzly bear

I can’t wait to see 

them next year.

When Sourdough 

Rendezvous is over

trappers head to the 

bush with a hangover

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