Didee & Didoo – Poem “WINTER IS GONE”

When the birds arrive

it’s great to be alive.

It’s great to hear the birds

an’ to see the 

caribou herds.

There’s lots of sunshine

‘cause we left 

winter behind.

When I see the eagle soar

I know winter is no more.

When the birds

start to sing

then I know it’s spring.

When I see a swan

I know winter is gone.

When I see a crane

I know it’s spring again.

When I see the geese

I will be in peace.

When I see the ducks

I don’t need my mukluks.

When I hear the loon

he will sing me a tune.

But mosquitos 

are a bummer

‘cause they spoil 

my summer.

And when I only see crows

I dig out my 

winter clothes.

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