Didee & Didoo – Poem “Newfie”


He’s a funny little man,

who came from Newfoundland.

He’s always happy like a clown,

and Whitehorse is his home town.

He’s always goofy,

an’ we call him Newfie.

Newfie wears a little tam,

and he doesn’t give a damn.

He always s-s-s-stutter,

and sometimes he mutter.

Newfie had an old army truck,

that mostly ran with luck.

On his door we didn’t have to knock,

’cause he didn’t believe in a lock.

Newfie knew us all from Old Crow,

and to his house we always go.

Newfie lived all alone,

but we were all like his own.

Everything Newfie did was at no charge,

so our respect for him is very large.

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