Didee & Didoo – Poem “Observer \ Communicator”

Observer \ Communicator

I work at the CARS station,

where I measure the precipitation.

I record the air pressure,

and the snow I measure.

When the pressure rise,

it brings clear skies.

Clouds that form,

may bring a storm.

When I hear thunder,

CB clouds I’m under.

On cold clear nights,

I see the Northern Lights.

I calculate the relative humidity,

and record the prevailing visibility.

Sometimes it’s snowing,

and other times it’s blowing.

In summer it rains,

in winter, snow grains.

I record the wind speed,

and the direction I read.

When the wind gust,

it will blow the dust.

At minus thirty nine degrees,

mercury will freeze.

By looking at the forecast,

I can tell if it will be overcast.

I estimate the cloud heights,

and I measure at nights.

The snow depth I record,

and I measure the snow board.

I watch the wind sock,

and Zulu time is on my clock.

I know our elevation,

because I work at the CARS station.

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