Didee & Didoo – Poem “Stealing”

If something looks appealing,

don’t even think of stealing.

If to you it doesn’t belong,

to take it would be wrong.

If it’s not your own,

just leave it alone.

Being a thief,

only causes grief.

Maybe you can borrow,

to prevent sorrow.

Even if you don’t have much,

don’t even try to touch.

Only a crook,

knows the word “took”.

Think about how the person will feel,

before you try to steal.

Don’t steal like Robin Hood,

and your luck will be good.

If you decide to rob,

some day you will sob.

Didee had an honest wife,

’cause she never stole in her life.

I never stole even as a lad,

and that makes me so glad.

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