Didee & Didoo – Poem “ABORIGINAL DAY”


I just couldn’t wait,

for the June 21st date.

It comes just once a year,

so our best we wear.

When it’s Aboriginal Day,

we celebrate the Indian way.

This is our chance,

to sing and dance.

As Aboriginals, we’re proud,

so we celebrate really loud.

We eat bannock an’ dry meat,

which is really neat.

We eat moose,

an’ we eat goose.

I celebrated with my relations,

’cause we’re proud to be First Nations.

I’m proud to be Aboriginal,

’cause I’m the original.

This special day is ours,

so we celebrated 24 hours.

We also celebrated Aboriginal Nite,

which I think is only right.

We woke up really late,

’cause we know how to celebrate.

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