Didee & Didoo – Poem “Michio”


He came from Japan,

and he liked our land.

He even looks like a Gwitchin,

Maybe he’s our next of kin.

Up to Old Crow he came,

and Michio is his name.

Michio knew all our faces,

on a first-name basis.

He even spoke some Gwitchin words,

as he took pictures of the caribou herds.

Michio really liked it up North,

and this trip was his fourth.

He gave us some green tea,

and he made us sushi.

Michio was like Uncle Stephen’s brother,

so an Uncle I had another.

Michio had plans to come back,

but he did not survive a bear attack.

Before Michio lost his life,

he published a book about wildlife.

Michio even went to Fort McPherson,

so he was just like a Gwitchin person.

Michio blends in with our crowd,

and a Japanese Gwitchin he was proud.

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