Didee & Didoo – Poem “Story By Hawk”

Story By Hawk

This story was told by Hawk,

when birds an’ animals used to talk.

There was Loon and Crow,

with no colours to show.

Their feathers were all white,

so they wanted to be painted right.

Loon was painted by the crow,

an’ his feathers started to glow.

Crow used very colourful paint,

to make the loon look quaint.

Crow was painted by Loon,

but his job was done too soon.

Loon didn’t like Crow,

because he was his foe.

Loon painted Crow all dark,

with charcoal he made his mark.

Loon only used black paint,

he wanted Crow to faint.

Crow was in shock,

so he picked up a rock.

Crow threw it at Loon,

and he dove in a lagoon.

Seagull didn’t trust Crow or Loon,

’cause his feathers they might ruin.

That’s why Seagull is white,

and Crow is black as night.

The rock hit the Loon on the head,

an’ the red mark is where he bled.

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