Didee & Didoo – Poem “Edith Josie”

Who Will Write Her News? 

She only went to Grade 4, 

but she didn’t need more. 

‘Cause she used verb and noun, 

and she wrote about our town. 

When Edith writes her paragraph, 

she always makes us laugh. 

She had her own writing style, 

an’ she always had a smile. 

We like the way Edith write, 

even tho’ her English wasn’t rite. 

Lucky her news they never edit, 

’cause Edith took the credit. 

When her life came to an end, 

we wonder who’ll pick up her pen. 

Now that Edith is gone, 

who will take her job on? 

Edith put Old Crow on the map, 

now who’s going to fill the gap? 

I wonder who will fill her shoes, 

and continue writing her news? 

That person will be hard to find, 

because Edith was one of a kind. 

She was in a class of her own, 

and Edith was world known. 

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