Didee & Didoo – Poem “Police”


Their job is to keep the peace, 

that’s why we have police. 

They put their lives on the line, 

to protect yours and mine. 

Some police have kids and wives, 

and they risk their lives. 

Police are always your friend, 

and their hand they will lend. 

Sometimes they have to jail guard, 

that’s why their jobs are hard. 

Their lives could be in danger, 

when they arrest a stranger. 

Police catch crooks who rob, 

and that’s part of their job. 

They go by the Criminal Code book, 

when they catch a crook. 

Their guns they don’t like to aim, 

because they usually get the blame. 

Sometimes we rate them on a scale of zero, 

but they will always be my hero. 

Never judge the police like a speck, 

because they deserve our respect. 

Our respect they deserve, 

because they protect and serve. 

I always do my piece, 

to respect the police.

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