Didee & Didoo – Poem “Eskimos”


Eskimo people are tough, 

they live on the Earth above. 

Where trees don’t grow, 

their home is the land of snow. 

Eskimos use ulus, 

and they live in igloos. 

Where there’s snow most of the year, 

in the land of the polar bear. 

They wear caribou skin clothes, 

so that they won’t froze. 

They paddle in their kayak, 

which they can easily pack. 

Eskimos use a spear, 

for their fishing gear. 

And for their meal, 

they’ll hunt for a seal. 

They use a bone hook, 

and the seal they don’t cook. 

In the winter when it’s cold, 

long ago stories are told. 

They beat on their drum, 

where their songs come from. 

Eskimos play friendly games, 

by the light of the seal oil flames. 

Eskimo people are tough, 

because they know their stuff. 

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