Didee & Didoo – Poem “Old Fashioned”


Maybe it’s just 

his passion,

but Uncle is just 

old fashioned.

I can’t say 

Uncle is wrong,

but in this age he 

doesn’t belong.

My uncle still 

use artifacts,

like cassettes an’ 

eight tracks.

He still has a rec- ord collection,

with lots of old- ies selection.

Uncle’s stuff 

is really old,

but he can’t see 

the mould.

He just has too 

much stuff,

and he really can’t 

get enough.

Uncle’s stuff he’s 

always stashin’,

‘cause he’s just 

old fashioned.

My uncle is really 

old fashioned,

he even collects 

army rations.

My uncle is 

out of date,

as his junks 


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