Didee & Didoo – Poem “​Muskrat and Beaver Story”

Muskrat and Beaver Story

This story is from a long time ago

when Muskrat an’ Beaver met at Old Crow.

Beaver was swimming up the Porcupine River

an’ Muskrat was swimming down the river.

Crow mountain Muskrat went to climb

Beaver wondered why it took him a long time.

Beaver swam around in the slough

an’ he only found willows to chew.

The hot sun was shining from the West

an’ Beaver decided to take a rest.

Muskrat met Beaver by the river shore

and he told Beaver that his feet were sore.

Muskrat came up with a clever scheme

he wanted Beaver to go further upstream.

Muskrat wanted to have Crow Flats for his own

so he told Beaver he cut his feet on a stone.

Beaver didn’t know of the lakes Muskrat had found

Muskrat only told him of the rocks on the ground.

Muskrat didn’t like his flat tail

because it dragged behind his trail.

Beaver needed a tail that was flat

so he traded tails with Muskrat.

Beaver swam up the river to search

for a place where there’s lots of birth.

Beaver was looking for a place of his own

and he found lots of birch at Whitestone.

Beaver’s flat tail helped him swim upstream

And he knew nothing of Muskrat’s scheme.

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