Didee & Didoo – Poem “Elves”


North Pole is where they stay

where they work and play.

They work, nonstop

in Santa’s toy shop.

They make lots of noise

Building lots of toys.

They never tire out

and they never pout.

They put toys on shelves

These hard working elves.

Elves make lots of toys

For all the girls an’ boys.

They work for a good cause

cause it’s for Santa Claus.

Elves make Barbie dolls

an’ bats an’ baseballs.

They make toy planes

and choo choo trains.

Santa’s elves make toy boats

and animals an’ goats.

They make all kinds of games

an’ they know all the kids’ names.

Santa checks his list twice

cause he wants you to be nice.

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