Didee & Didoo – Poem “Hip Hop”


They wear their caps backwards,

and they speak new words.

I really don’t like to tease,

but their pants are down to their knees.

They wear baggy pants,

and they break dance.

They dance to Hip Hop,

and they listen non-stop.

In their ear they have a cord,

and they skateboard.

They have earring on their ear,

and they dye their hair.

They put on an act,

with their hackysack.

They drink Coke,

and they smoke.

They listen to rap,

with their backwards cap.

They like to play video games,

an’ they all have nicknames.

They only eat junk food an’ pop,

an’ they listen to Hip Hop.

But they don’t do anything cruel,

so I think they’re really cool.

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