Didee & Didoo – Poem “How Bear Lost His Tail”

“How Bear Lost His Tail”

This is a long time ago tail

about how Bear lost his tail.

At first Bear’s tail was long

then Fox did something wrong.

Fox is known to be sly

so he told Bear a lie.

Fox fished with a pole

through the ice hole.

Fox caught lots of fish

and he made Bear wish.

Fox did not want to share

so he played a trick on Bear.

The water was very cold

but Bear did what he was told.

Fox told Bear to fish with his tail

an’ he’ll catch fish as big as a whale.

Bear pretend to be like Otter

An’ he stuck his tail in the icy water.

Bear’s tail was long and furry

but the icy water made him worry.

Soon Bear started to shiver

an’ his tail froze off in the icy river.

Bear let out a loud snort

’cause his tail was now short.

Fox made Bear look foolish

’cause he never caught no fish.

The Bear just went in his den

and Fox was always his bad friend.

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