I think I looked pale an’ I almost kicked the pail.

I was feeling worse so I went to see the nurse.

She hooked me up to an IV and she tested my pee.

She also tested my blood but it looked more like mud.

I took morphine for pain and I went on a medevac plane.

My body wasn’t stable so they put me on the operating table.

The doctor operated with a knife and she saved my life.

I’m just a death cheater so I never met Saint Peter.

I thought of Jesus in the manger ‘cause my life was in danger.

I never thought of my last breath and I never though of death.

I think I had a close shave so I could have been in my grave.

But I needed to live some more whenever I suffer. 

It only makes me tougher.

It could have been tragic But it turned out magic.