Didee & Didoo – My Family Tree

If Goldilocks is my mother
Charlie Brown is my father
Jack Frost is my grandpa
Gingerbread Man is my brother
Jack and Jill are my twins
Winnie The Pooh is my sister
Frosty The Snowman is my uncle
Curious George is my cousin
Little Red Riding Hood is my aunt
Santa Claus is my grandpa
Cinderella is my sister
Tom Thumb is my nephew
Pinocchio is my great grandpa
Robin Hood is my great uncle
Sleeping Beauty is my grandma
Humpty Dumpty is my brother
Peter Pan is my cousin
Tinker Bell is my niece
Snow White is my great aunt
Mary Had A Little Lamb is my grandchild
I’m even related to Bozo The Clown
Even Old McDnald is my relative

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