Didee & Didoo: Poem: “Nomadic Life”

Didee & Didoo: Nomadic Life

They followed the caribou herds

an’ they hunted migratory birds.

Gwichins moved all over the place

or hunger they would face.

Everyone followed the caribou tracks

but they stayed away from wolf packs.

Hunters made tools from bone

an’ they made axe from stone.

Clothes were made from caribou leather

so they can survive in cold weather.

Gwichins built a caribou fence

an’ they lived in caribou skin tents.

They paddled birch bark canoes

an’ they ran on birch snowshoes.

Gwichins hunted with bow an’ arrow

even for one small sparrow.

Men fished with bone spears

and ladies set rabbit snares.

Gwichins knew where there was moose

an’ they knew how to hunt goose.

Ladies dried lots of meat an’ salmon

so that they won’t face famine.

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