Didee & Didoo – Poem “Terry Fox”

 “Terry Fox”

If you feel like giving in,

and you’re not likely to win,

just remember Terry Fox,

and his wise talks.

He is an inspiration,

to our whole nation.

Terry’s actions spoke loud,

which made us all proud.

For a cure for cancer,

Terry wanted an answer.

Terry dipped his leg in the ocean,

and his marathon was in motion.

He started the Marathon of Hope,

running with his famous lope.

He started his run at Mile Zero,

and Terry Fox is my hero.

Terry ran 26 miles every day,

all the way to Thunder Bay.

Cancer made Terry’s life short,

and his run he had to abort.

Terry died in nineteen eighty one,

and every year we continue his run.

Even though Terry is gone,

we must continue his marathon.

Terry’s run takes place every September,

and his dream we always remember.

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