Didee & Didoo – Poem “The Great Outdoors”

“The Great Outdoors”

Animals on all fours,

live in the great outdoors.

Animals give birth,

on their Mother Earth.

This is their home,

where they freely roam.

The great outdoors,

is also mine and yours.

We’ll breathe fresh air,

and birds we’ll hear.

We’ll drink pure water,

and swim with an otter.

We’ll sleep under a tree,

where we’ll feel so free.

Where the eagle soars,

in the great outdoors.

In winter we will snowshoe,

in summer we will canoe.

In winter we’ll see Northern Lights,

in summer there’s no nights.

When it’s fall,

we’ll hear moose call.

When it’s spring,

all the birds sing.

We don’t have to pay,

for a great holiday.

The great outdoors,

is just out our backdoors.

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