Uncle Don

Uncle Don was born at Bluefish

and he always hunt and fish.

Uncle Don is my mom’s brother

an’ Clara Frost is his mother.

Auntie Alice is Don’s wife

and he worded all his life.

I’ve known Uncle Don since I was a lad

and Donald was friends with my dad.

Uncle was an honest man

always lending a helping hand.

When we visit with Mr. Don

he’ll put his coffee pot on.

Uncle likes to trap muskrat

an’ he drove the John Deere cat.

Uncle will always shake your hand

and he was a giant of a man.

Uncle Don was always fair

with lots of stories to share.

Uncle was an expert with his gun an’ knife

an’ he fed lots of people in his life.

He worked at the school an’ power plant

I’m so proud of my uncle and aunt.

Uncle Don always worked hard

an’ they gave a government award.