Didee & Didoo – Poem “Doesn’t Make Sense”

My tickle is broken!

Draw your name!

Look at the fish tracks!

Are you going to Whitehorse yesterday?

Push on the rope!

My ski doo has a flat tire!

I almost bit my dog!

Are you giving me a present for your birthday?

My dog never talks to me! I floated upstream!

I’m going to eat my water! Are you old or new?

Don’t get your raincoat wet!

I’m going to engrave my clothes!

Put the plastic pail on the stove!

The dentist gave me new glasses!

Don’t forget to rewind my DVDs!

I’m combing my feathers!

I’m going to slide up the hill!

They’re building a winter road in July!

My wheelbarrow ran out of gas!

There’s lots of mosquitoes in January!

That kid is wagging his tail!

My dog team went in reverse!

Stuff is expensive at the free store!

Is it eleventeen o’clock? 

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