Didee & Didoo – Poem “Vuntut Gwinchins”

Gwichin lived a nomadic life using stone axe an’ bone knife.

They lived in caribou skin tents an’ Gwichins made caribou fence.

In winter they ran on snowshoes In summer they paddled rat canoes.

When the caribou herds arrive they knew they would survive.

Gwichins hunted the caribou herds an’ waited for the migratory birds.

When they traveled in summer weather they made clothes from caribou leather.

The cold never did Gwichins harm they wore fur clothes to keep warm.

They always dried meat an’ salmon so that they won’t face famine.

When Gwichins needed meat an’ marrow they hunted with bow and arrow.

Their arrows they always aim when Gwichins hunted big game.

They always looked for the wolf packs. When Gwichins are hungry for muskrat we move out to Crow Flats. 

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