Didee & Didoo – Poem “Stanley Cup Season”


When it’s Stanley cup season

It’s almost like treason.

Dougie never misses a playoff

and his TV is never off.

He turns his TV right up

when he watches the Stanley cup.

Dougie is glued to the screen

an’ sometimes he even looks mean.

When the other teams score

Dougie gets really sore.

Sometimes Dougie cheers

and sometimes he swears.

Dougie hollers like a pup

when he watches the Stanley cup.

Dougie likes to win a bet

but the puck goes in the wrong net.

Dougie shouts and screams

But I don’t like his team.

Dougie will call us liars

if we pull for the Flyers.

If his team loses in overtime

it’s like they committed a crime.

Next comes the season of baseball

an’ Dougie watches until fall.

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