Didee & Didoo – Poem “Caribou Legs’

Caribou Legs

First he kicked his drug habit

now he runs as fast as a rabbit.

He runs many miles on mother earth

and his name is Brad Firth.

Brad is a Gwich’in athlete

who was born with fast feet.

Caribou Legs is made of steel

an’ he runs to protect the Peel.

In Inuvik his journey began

and to Whitehorse he ran.

Caribou Legs runs with his pup an’ he doesn’t know how to give up.

He’ll wear out his running shoes

‘cause Caribou Legs likes to cruise.

Brad knows how to hustle

even with sore muscle.

Caribou Legs can really move

‘cause he had something to prove.

Caribou Legs runs in any weather

an’ he carried an eagle feather.

Some of us jogged with Brad

an’ he made all Gwich’ins glad.

He runs for all that he’s worth

that’s why we support Brad Firth.

An eagle flew over the crowd

and Caribou Legs made us proud.

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