Didee & Didoo – Poem “Depression”


Hard times are coming

an’ there will be bumming.

Times will be tough

an’ there won’t be enough.

On the land we have to survive

an’ it will be hard to stay alive.

There won’t be enough food

and peoiple will be rude.

Money won’t be worth

only food from the earth.

Times will become hard

an’ people will be off guard.

Lots of people will be scared

‘cause they won’t be prepared.

I will need my gun an’ knife

and head for the bush life.

I’ll have to use my dog team

an’ paddle my canoe in a stream.

People will lose their wealth

an’ people will lose their health.

Everyone pretend to be deft

there’s not much time left.

When we reach hard times

there will be lots of crimes.

When hard times arrive

I know that I will survive.

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