Didee & Didoo – Poem “Uncle & Bob”


Uncle doesn’t like a fly

And Bob likes to fly.

Uncle knows the land

An’ Bob knows how to land.

Uncle like his trappin’ cabin

An’ Bob likes his plane cabin.

Uncle traps for otter

And Bob flies The Otter.

Uncle traps for beaver

And Bob flies The Beaver.

Uncle sets his traps

An’ Bob uses his flaps.

Uncle has a muskrat pelt

An’ Bob has a seat belt.

Uncle uses a cleaver

An’ Bob has a flying fever.

Uncle traps for weasel

And Bob burns diesel.

Uncle eats bannock

An’ Bob needs a mechanic.

Uncle has boots of leather

An’ Bob checks the weather.

Uncle’s Ski-Doo has skis

An’ Bob’s plane has skis.

Uncle cuts wood an’ pile it

And Bob is a bush pilot.

Uncle uses traps an’ Bob uses 


And they’re both great chaps.  

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