Jidii Tthak tr’ahtsii — We make everything

Jùhts’ō tr’agwāndaii — That’s our life

Aih hāh natr’ahādādal — We travel with snowshoes

Vichī’ nīltl’yaa — Braided hair

Gwich’in niintsyaa — Where we feast

Oonjit k’yūu — English

Ts’ii deii — Stone Age

Gwadal’ zheii — Stuff from the land

Khaitok gwitrit t’agwarah’in —We work as one

Deetru’ K’avihdik — Crow may I walk

Yeendoo ji’ — Future

Ch’ataii yūukaih — Traveller

Naatsaii — Crow Clan

Ch’ichyaa — Wolf Clan

Kō’ ehdanh — Man without fire

K’aiiheenjik — Willow Man

Tr’iinjoo vigwizhi’ Goonlii — Smart woman

Chyaa zree zhit dhidii — Boy in the Moon

Ch’oodēenjik — Porcupine River

Chief zzeh gittlit — Chief sitting in the corner

Sreevyaa — Rainbow

Nanaa’in — Bushman

Tl’oo that — Grass pants

Nin Nichii — Woolly mammoth

Meet Allan Benjamin’s New Characters Our long time “Didee and Didoo” cartoonist and poet Allan Benjamin from Old Crow is excited to introduce his new Shoo’ii and Sheek’aii cartoons and poems. These new characters will appear in Gwich’in and English. Whenever you see Shoo’ii and Sheek’all you can always be treated to a Gwich’in poem or Allan will simply have some vocabulary to share with you. Didee and Didoo will still make appearances but will be in English only for the time being. Allan is completely bilingual, he was taught his native language by his Didee (Grandma) and Didoo (Grandpa). Allan says there are so many fine poets in Old Crow, he hopes to inspire students to send their Gwich’in poems to What’s Up Yukon for you to enjoy as well. We’ll be sure to use the #SpeekGwichinToMe twitter hashtag when posting these stories.