Enjoying Frankenweenie, Together

Movie season has ended at the Dawson City Museum for another year. The last show was Lincoln, which played to reasonably sized audiences in late March.

The Museum began its movie night program a few years ago, beginning with classic films in the audio-visual room. But the arrival of Turner Classic Movies on the city’s TV cable system reduced its appeal, especially as more and more homes converted to larger flat screen televisions and better sound systems.

So in 2010 the museum worked out a deal which allows it to show popular films from new DVD releases, just before they go on rental in the local video store.

There hasn’t been a theatre in Dawson since the Orpheum was water damaged beyond salvation in the 1979 flood. The fellow who used to operate the Starlight Theatre in Faro toyed with the idea of expanding to Dawson back in the 1990s, when Brewery Creek was booming and the mine at Faro was still in production. However, both those operations ended and that idea faded with them.

Sure, there are lots of videos for rent at Jimmy’s Place, but watching them at home isn’t the same experience as going out and sitting in front of a larger screen with a bunch of other people who want to see the same movie.

The museum’s theatre room, which is used for museum-related material in the summer, used to be a little hard on the bottom, but a few years back Holland-America decided to make it softer for its clients and donated some nice comfortable chairs. It’s not stadium seating, but it’s way better than the old benches with cushions.

Local businesses and the museum board both supported the project, which also brings in a bit of money for the museum. Sponsors include the Eldorado Hotel, A Ray of Sunshine Variety Store, Dawson Home Hardware, Jimmy’s Place, Bonanza Market and Aurora Office.

This season started in October and featured kids’ matinees on Saturday and Sunday afternoons along with more adult fare in the evenings. A sampling of the films includes Hotel Transylvania, The Amazing Spiderman, Frankenweenie, Anna Karenina, Rise of the Guardians, Enduring Love, Wreck It Ralph, Life of Pi, Hitchcock, Argo and The Hobbit.

Museum members get in for $5 and enjoy an evening out with some popcorn, pop and a candy bar.

Daylight’s back now, so we don’t need movie nights as much as we did in the dark days, but they will be welcome again next winter.

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