Sitting at a fish hole in the dark on the Porcupine River, in the Yukon at Old Crow in the fall, is not unusual.

Excitement stirs when the ice begins to freeze on the Porcupine River.

My friends and I begin to prepare ice augers, fishing lines, favourite fish hooks, and all-time baits.

We do a Christmas concert in our Gwitchin traditional way, our children wear nice clothes, and the biggest highlight is homemade sewn boots, slippers.

My friends and I begin our sewing early during freeze up, so we can enjoy ice fishing while it is still suitable temperature to fish.

Fishing is one of many favourite sports.

Sitting at a fishing hole allows me to be in my own space; it allows me to concentrate on self, changes for self-betterment in all areas, and how I can have input into my community. I make small changes at a time. I gaze up and look at the beautiful universe and thank the creator for a wonderful evening, and if I catch fish, I share it.

I come home refreshed, and happy I caught a fish. I cook the fish the way I like to enjoy it, and relax for a couple hours. At bedtime I sleep through the whole night. What a blessing.