With the new market’s worldly selection of food in Watson Lake , you might be apprehensive to buy something.

The market looks very simple and small from the street, but once inside, I was really impressed, not just because it is bigger than it appears, but it has a lot of products from different parts of the world, including Mexican, Chinese, and Filipino products.

You can find almost anything; from food you need to prepare, like cake mix, pasta, or a beautiful dinner, to items that are frozen and need to be cooked, like meat and fish.

Popular products that people have been asking for are fruits, cheeses , and snacks.

Like other new businesses, there are lots of comments and reviews:

“We just love it! But you could pass this market in the street and not even notice it is there,” says Jorge Rodriguez Arellano.

“The new market has everything; vegetables, fruits, meat. And the prices are reasonable for us,” says Austria Lopez Mancera.

“The products are great but I’d like to be able to buy some wine with my fish and meat at the market, but the liquor laws probably have forced the market not to sell wine in the stores,” says Alejandra Rodriguez.

“Prices are in line with the other groceries stores, the difference is the variety of products and the good quality of them,” says Lori Nevoralova.

“I love to go for chips and snacks,” says Andrew Smith.

“The prices are in reach for the average person,” says Terri Read Lynn.

The new market doesn’t have much storage room and has limited space for products. This means that in order to bring in new products, another product has to go; so if the product doesn’t sell well, or is no longer good value, it’s gone. Sounds terrible , but it is real.

So don’t miss the opportunity to look around and try something new.