Teslin Concert in the Park is a three-day event, July 9 to 11.

Last year, it was a one-day event.

Two years ago, one evening.

“I think a three-day vision is what it will be all about,” says Nataschaa Chatterton, the event co-ordinator.

“The vision is bringing people together in all avenues – organizing and attending – with the First Nation and the municipality working together.

“So, it is a total community festival.”

As a result, Teslin’s Friendship Park will be the site of crowds enjoying a lineup that includes internationally renown Eagle & Hawk, Juno Group of the Year Digging Roots, Ed Peekeekoot, Oliver Swaint, The Joy Seekers, Five Finger Rapids, Steve Slade, Kevin Barr & Boyd Benjamin, CHS and Diyet.

“That’s a great lineup,” Chatterton couldn’t help but say. “You know what? People love to come to the Yukon. These artists feel like they are connected to something else here.

“And artists like to come to community events when they know the community is behind it.

“We’ll take them fishing and on a tour so that they know what the Yukon is all about.

“And all of the food for the organizers and performers is being donated by members of the community.”

Will it make money?

“No,” says Chatterton. “It will absolutely not make money. We just want to break even.

“At the core of the festival, it is about building relationships among people who don’t normally work together.

“We’ve been so fortunate with an ArtsFund grant and First Nation and community support. And, whenever I talk to somebody in the business community and I say, ‘Gee, we need this …’ it just happens.”

Besides the music, there will also be food vendors and local artists.

And, being a family event, there is a Kids Zone.

Camping is available close by. Organizers have maps they can offer guests.

And, yes, it is hoped this will be an annual event that will draw guests from Alaska, Northern BC and the rest of the Yukon.

“Years down the road, this could be one of those festivals that people attend every year,” says Chatterton.

“I believe Teslin can do that.”