Didee & Didoo – Poem “I wish I were a kid again”

“I wish I were a kid again”

Wouldn’t it be just nice

if we could live our life twice.

To be a kid once more

an’ crawl on the floor.

With no work an’ all play

and no bills to pay.

I’ll sleep in my crib

and eat with my bib.

I’ll splash in a puddle

and I’ll get a cuddle.

I wish I could be four

and be a kid once more.

If I could be a kid again

I’d eat a candy cane.

If I could be a kid

I’ll even play with a lid.

Instead of using a cane

I wish to be a kid again.

But all I can do is talk

’cause I can’t turn back the clock.

I’ll just have to grow old

and walk with a pole.

But I was thinking maybe

I could be someone’s baby.

Being an adult is hard to explain

That’s why I want to be a kid again.

To be a kid would be supreme

But that’s just a dream.

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