Let’s All Learn Gwich’in

Let’s All Learn Gwich’in

With Allan Benjamin from Old Crow

Gwich’in Expressions:

Gwich’in Ginjik Native Language

Dinjii zhuh ginjik jihtth’ak I understand Native language

Lée nizhigwiłts’īk? Are you hungry?

Jidìi Niindhan? What do you want?

Jidìi nid i’ii? What do you have?

Jidìi Kàgwanah’in? What are you looking for?

Ch’ivēedzyāa at’iinihthān kwaa I don’t like mushrooms

Gwiint’lo dzan virh jidthihłii I really wish for boiled muskrat

Ch’ankaii nihthan I want blood soup

Łuh chīl sheenit kanahée Get wood chips for me

Gwanzhīh Plants

Jii kʼāii tʼiinchʼuu This is a willow

Jii tsʼiigyūu tʼiinchʼuu This is rhubarb

Jii tLʼoo tʼiinchʼuu This is grass

Jii szīh tʼiinchʼuu This is spruce gum

Jii chʼatʼān tʼiinchʼuu This is a leaf

Jii nūʼ tʼiinchʼuu This is moss

Jii dineedzīL tʼiinchʼuu This is spruce cone

Jii TLʼoodrik tʼiinchʼuu This is wild onions

Jii deetrūʼ jak tiinchʼuu This is juniper

Jii nichīh tʼiinchʼuu This is rosehips

Jii Lidii masgit tʼiinchʼuu This is labrador tea

Jii jak tʼiinchʼuu This is berries

When I was a kid this Elder gave me a Gwich’in name”CHIH AHAA”

Translated it means”walking ahead”

Allan Benjamin – CHIH AHAA

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